About me

Welcome to Leisure Store 4you, where I bring the spirit of adventure and relaxation together under one digital roof!  As the owner and manager I, Dori Kimball, am thrilled to offer you a blend of travel information and the art of unwinding. As a Travel Advisor and Shopify store owner, I ensure that my digital space offers a wide selection of:

  • Travel products and accessories: My online store will bring you travel essentials you'll need to make your travels comfortable and convenient. Say hello to stylish and practical travel items to help you enjoy your hard earned vacation.
  • Travel Agent - DK Travel 4You: I specialize in American Cruise Lines, USA River cruises. I look forward to helping you find and book an itinerary that will fit your bucket list vacation. dktravel4you@gmail.com
Meet Mini, The Traveling Donkey!  Mini symbolizes my dedication to adventure. Follow her digital escapades as she visits new and exciting destinations, highlighting the ultimate convenience offered by our online store, where you can indulge in some virtual wanderlust before planning your next real-life adventure!
Mini the donkey packing for vacation

At Leisure Store 4you, I take pride in:

  • Customer satisfaction: I, Dori Kimball, welcome any inquiries you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem with a link or product.
  • High-quality products: My travel and leisure merchandise is carefully curated and chosen to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.
  • Seamless online shopping experience: Designed with user experience and convenience in mind, your journey through Leisure Store 4you will be as fluid and enjoyable as your vacations.
Join me, Dori Kimball, as I share my passion for travel and leisure here at Leisure Store 4you. May your wanderlust always be satisfied, and let Mini the traveling donkey be a sparkle of inspiration in your digital safari!